We are a woven textile manufacturer. This involves creating a perpendicular mesh of threads in a predefined structure to create a fabric.

Originally, Tissage des Mûres wove textiles for the men’s and women’s clothing industry, for furnishings (satin for curtains, wall hangings) and for bed linen (fabric for duvets).

Since 2002 however, the core of our business now consists of technical and industrial fabrics. This began with fabrics for parachutes and hang-gliders, and has since expanded into products for the aeronautics, filtration, industrial, luggage, interior design and events markets.

Our threads are provided by a few carefully selected fibre manufacturers and warpers who meet our strict quality requirements. Both the smooth running of our machine park and the compliance of our products depend on selecting only the best raw materials.
We specialise in synthetic fibres (PA, PA HT, PES, PES HT, PES FR).

Thanks to a weaving capacity of up to 500,000m per month and a dedicated Research and Development centre, we can offer an all-in-one solution for your project requirements. We can handle any specific request, as we have a close working relationship with our local warping, weaving and finishing partners. These skills, capacities and partnerships give us complete control over the production process and optimum flexibility and adaptability in all areas, ensuring that your projects are a success (weaving up to 5m wide, heat setting, dyeing, printing, fire-proofing, coating, laminating, quilting, ready-to-use finished products, multi-layer stitched and heat-set US lamination, specific trim, etc.).



Our R&D department will walk you through your project from design to reality according to your technical specifications, and all fully confidential (NDA).


A variety of tests, selected and defined by you, the client, can be run during the development phase in order to optimise and validate your product’s characteristics.


Our design process culminates with the creation of a prototype. This is what enables us to confirm the product’s physical and technical characteristics with you (Design Freeze).


Once the development phase is complete, mass production can begin. Our next-generation machines achieve production rates of up to 1000 strokes per minute.