Textile manufacture : Technical fabrics, Smart fabrics, Synthetic fibres
Technique : Creativity, Technical specifications
Tradition : Authenticity, A family company since 1850, Made in France
Technology : High-performance equipment, Future projects
Teamwork : Working together, Passing on skills, Dialogue, Communication, Consideration

Development : R&D, Innovation, Personalised studies
Drôme : 100% made in Rhône-Alpes, France
Diversity : Versatile equipment, Client awareness
Dynamics : Investments, The desire for performance, Business acumen, A pioneering spirit
Drive for quality : Certifications, Standards, Procedures, Continued improvement, Compliance, 5S, Attention to detail
Delivering on our ethics : Respect for confidentiality, Professional ethics


Manufacturing : A textile manufacturer, A textile factory, High-performance industrial tools
Mastering the art : Maximum speed and adaptability, A proud technical legacy
Men and women : Skills and expertise
Management : Professional training