The machine park

Our machine park is in a constant state of evolution, continually integrating the latest in textile machine technology (increased productivity, energy savings, reliability, etc.).
Our AIR and WATER workshops give us great flexibility in terms of the fibres, thread count, weight per unit area (from 30g to 350g/m²) and widths (from 190cm to 540cm) we can offer.


Pressurised air, injected from one primary nozzle then a series of relay nozzles, transport the weft from one selvedge to another.

Parc Machines - Picanol OmniPlus-i

High performance Air-jet loom 3m40 and 2m20

  • OMNIPLUS-i-340 and OMNIPLUS-i-220 : 2 latest generation air-jet looms.
  • Smart performance.
  • Digitization of weaving.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Intuitive control : large interactive touchscreen and new signal lamps.

Latest generation Air-jet loom 2m20

  • Automated camera inspection screen.
  • Dobby mechanics on 10 frames.
  • Hose reels (for large pieces over 1000m).
  • Backlit visit table.
Métier air 2m20 - Picanol OMNIPLUS SUMMUM

Air-jet loom 3m40

  • Cam or dobby machines
  • Winders

Air-jet loom 5m40

  • A dobby mechanism for the production of any type of weave.
  • Winders (for large units, from 1000 to 2000m.


Pressurised water, injected via a primary nozzle, transports the weft from one selvedge to another.

New generation : water-jet loom 2M10

  • Cam mechanism
  • Winders (for large units over 1000m)